About This Course

This course is part of Prophetess Miranda's Embracing a New Day Life Coaching offering purposed to instill inner healing tools to be implemented in your daily life.

Is this seminar for you? Here are the No Longer Broken Seminar topics:

  • Changed Forever
  • Delivered but now struggling with residue
  • Diagnosed with an incurable disease
  • Silenced by the family “I told no one!”
  • Saved, But How To Deal With A Child Born Out Of Adultery or Fornication
  • Suffering now from my past death 
  • New Places And New People
  • Married the wrong person
  • Married my abuser
  • Closing Chapters
  • Silenced By Abuse 
  • Children suffering from your tragic decisions
  • One decision changed your life
  • Mentally defective from your past
  • How to Love Again?
  • Recovered & Healed From Church Hurt
  • How to Receive Love?
  • How to say “SORRY” to your children?
  • Becoming the Shinning Star, “The Testimony”

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